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The founding members of our club were for almost fifteen years a leisure association of friends - bikers until November 2018.
Inspired by respected LE MC on the Czech scene, after the necessary preparations, we founded the official ARMY RAIDERS
club on November 11, 2018 with ambition to become a full member of the LE MC community in the Czech Republic.

On February 1, 2019, the LE MC National Coalition approved the ARMY RAIDERS LE colours. IRON CAVALRY LE MC,
member of the LE MC National Coalition, was appointed as our guarantor. (bez prolinku na jejich web).
This is the beginning of our journey of our club as a the prospective LE MC, where we gained valuable experience
from the already established LE MC’s of the LE MC National Coalition and became a club with nationwide area of operations with a center in Moravia,
where we built our clubhouse.

In accordance with our rules, our club is and will continue to consist only of actively serving soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic
or war veterans. Therefore, in September 2021 we desided to continue in our journey as a military motorcycle club (MMC) with 99% affiliation and designation.
The MMC more accurately describes our professional difference from the already active 99% LE MC’s.

In order to continue on the path as a 99% MMC, we respect the values and traditions instilled in us by our guarantors,
who are now respected partners for us.

As part of its activities, our club supports active interest in motorcycles, organizes joint meetings of its members,
meets with the clubs of the National Coalition and the European Coalition LEMC and MMC,
and with clubs that support the 99% motorcycle scene.